Specialization 18 - Renewable Energies


Renewable energies are a strong growth market in Germany and worldwide. The Renewable Energy Sources Act stipulates that at least 20% of electricity production in Germany should come from renewable energy sources by 2020, which means that investments of up to 400 billion euros and a total of 400,000 jobs can be expected in this area. Worldwide, almost 150 billion US dollars were invested in new plants and the use of regenerative energy sources in 2007 alone.

At the LTI, the specialization "Renewable Energies" is offered in the diploma program in cooperation with the ETI, IAM-ET, IEH. From the point of view of electrical engineering, the lectures of the participating institutes cover all important topics of renewable electricity use from power generation, power conversion and distribution to storage. At the LTI, the focus of teaching and research is on electricity generation by solar energy.

Furthermore, the LTI constantly offers current topics for student research in the field of fabrication and characterization of organic solar cells, thin film solar cells (CuInGaSe2) and thermoelectric generators. In addition, there are excellent contacts to companies and research institutes that are active in solar cell research and production, e.g. ISE Freiburg, Konarka, Merck, Würth Solar, ZSW Stuttgart, in order to carry out the specialized internship or the final thesis there.

The model plan for the specialization 18 is available for download here.