Photometric testing laboratory

The extensive measuring equipment including a rotating mirror goniometer, is not only available to LTI's research projects. Innovative companies use the service of the LTI within the scope of measurement and development orders.

  • Measurement and evaluation of photometric properties of light sources such as luminous flux, luminous efficacy, spectral distribution, luminous intensity distribution, color temperature, color rendering index, time response, lifetime test
  • Measurement and evaluation of photometric properties of luminaires such as spatial luminous intensity distribution (LVK) in the near and far field, luminaire operating efficiency, weathering
  • Measurement and evaluation of materials such as spectral transmission, spectral reflection, material indices and colorimetric indices
  • Measurement of body colors and displays
  • Special photometric and colorimetric examinations and expert opinions for all areas of lighting technology
  • Measurements according to DIN, IEC, EN, ISO