Main Points of Research and working groups at LTI

LTI Forschung


Visual information technology and optoelectronics

  • Optoelectronic components, based on organic semiconductors
  • Display technology
  • Molecular electronics
  • Photonic crystals, Nanoacoustooptics
  • Visual information processing
  • Head: Prof. Dr. Lemmer
    Projectlist "Visual information technology and optoelectronics"

      Light- and Plasma technology 
  • Gas discharge lamps and sources of radiation (high pressure, low pressure, excimer lamps, lamps and sources of radiation, stimulated through high frequency and microwaves)
  • Modeling and simulation of gas discharge lamps and light sources
  • UV-, VIS- and IR-application (for example, UV-polymerisation)
  • UV- and VIS-radiometry
  • Cleaning with help of gas discharge lamps, for example NOx removal, careful cleaning of surfaces
  • Head: Dr.-Ing. Kling
    Projectlist "Light- and Plasma technology"

      Applied light technology, light measuring technology and visual optics
  • coming soon
  • Head: Dipl. Ing. Klinger
    Projectlist "Applied light technology, light measuring technology and visual optics"

      Testhouse for lighttechnical equipment on vehicles
  • coming soon
  • Head: Dr. Manz
    Projectlist "Testhouse for lighttechnical equipment on vehicles"