Light sources

LTI Allgemeine Lichttechnik

Like the electric incandescent lamp about one hundred years ago, new light sources are ready to revolutionize lighting technology today.

The well-known gas discharge lamp has undergone continuous development and improvement in recent years. The various forms of this technology are still at the forefront today in terms of luminous efficacy, luminance (i.e. brightness of the light source) and variety of possible applications. The spectrum here varies from the compact fluorescent lamp to the high-pressure discharge lamps that have become known, for example, as xenon light in automobiles. The research and further development of gas discharge light sources is one of the core competences of the research at LTI.

The rapid development of light emitting diodes - LEDs for short - has paved the way for this new type of light source for general lighting. For the reasonable use of LEDs in the future, many questions still have to be answered, which scientifically illuminate the chances and limits of LEDs. This is one focus of our activities. Furthermore, the fundamentals for novel, so-called organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs are being researched at the Institute of Light Technology.