Master students
Name Topic Supervision
Investigation of superfluorescence in perovskites

Dr. Nils Rosemann

Hochdurchsatzsythese von Nanopartikeldispersion

Bruder, Jan

Power electronics for a luminous intensity standard

Dr. Klaus Trampert

Simulation of thermoelectric material systems

M.Sc. Andres Rösch

Examination of perovskites

M.Sc. Benjamin Hacene

Sintering optimization of copper ink

M.Sc. Hankun Yang

Gedruckte organische Solarzellen

Dr. Karen Fischer

Oxide Based Coating of Active Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Miriam BotrosLeonard Franke

In situ photoluminescence spectroscopy of laminated pervskite thin films

M.Sc. Julie Roger

Lead-free molecular crystals for thin-film solar cells

Dr. Holger Röhm

Characterisation of adamantane-type clusters in thin films

M.Sc. Orlando Torres Perales

Characterisation of optical filters

Dr. Qihao Jin

Functional nanoparticles in dispersions: synthesis and applications

Qihao Jin

Green solvent system

M.Sc. Kristina Geistert

Printed anti-reflective coating

M.Sc. Qihao Jin

Bachelor students
Name Topic Supervision
Printed Piezoelectric Devices

Feßler, Jan

Fabrication of PVDF-based pressure sensor

Feßler, Jan

Scalable hole transport layer deposition using dip coating

Pesch, Raphael

Fabrication of TEGs on FlexPCBs

M.Sc. Leonard Franke

Encapsulation of optical filters

M.Sc. Qiaoshuang Zhang

Organische Solarzellen Dipl.-Ing. Jens Czolk
External theses
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