Light Emission and Colored Photovoltaics

The growing market of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) establishes the need for aesthetic solar modules. Our team researches colorization methods for excellent control of color impression, brightness and pattern, but also angle invariant color perception [1].

Figure 1: Photograph of colored perovskite solar cells.

Perovskite Light Emission and Lasing

Metal halide perovskite semiconductors have been shown great potential as laser gain media whose emission can be tunned from green to near-infrared spectral range. Given the great achievement of perovskite lasers in the past few years, perovskites have come to the forefront to develop the non-epitaxial laser diodes. Our main research targets are pushing perovskite gain media towards continuous wave optical pump lasing and electrical injection lasing. We collaborate with the group of Ian Howard and Uli Lemmer to understand the gain mechanism [2] [3] using ultrafast spectroscopy and develop the novel heterostructure gain medium [4].

Figure 2:  VCSEL based on perovskite planar heterojunction gain medium.