Innovative companies use the service of the LTI within the framework of measurement and development contracts.
Services Light Technology Institute

Test center for technical lighting equipment on vehicles

  • Tests according to ECE regulations
  • Tests according to national regulations
  • Measures within the scope of Taiwanese certification of vehicle parts
  • Measurements within the scope of COP measures
  • more

Photometric test laboratory

  • Measurement and evaluation of photometric properties of light sources and luminaires
  • Measurement and evaluation of materials and their color
  • Investigations and expert opinions for all areas of lighting technology
  • Measurements according to DIN, IEC, EN, ISO
  • more

Light, ECG and plasma technologies

Environmental technology processes R&D

  • Plasma processes ND HD ICP CCP FUE
  • Plasma torch
  • Material syntheses: Nanoparticles, nitrogen to fertilizer,
  • Plasma surface activation,
  • surface coatings, nano-surfaces
  • Ozone generation and measurement
  • Pesticide degradation in drinking water, UV disinfection

Power electronics R&D

  • SiC high power inverters up to 1 MW
  • Electronic ballasts DC - HF up to 15 kW
  • Consulting EMV and CE testing
  • Lifetime and thermography

Visual light communication R&D

  • Transmission of data with light: Visible Light Communication VLC
  • Luminaires: Transmitter-receiver systems Development according to IEEE 80215.7
  • OFK, CSK, OOK up to 1 Gb/s data transmission rate
  • Software and Hardware

R&D Technical Luminaires and UV Irradiation Modules

  • Luminaires up to kW range
  • LED and UV (UVA, UVB, UVC) LED modules development
  • UV LED Retrofit
  • Plant luminaires
  • Water reactors
  • UV irradiation units for printing industry

Radiation measurement

  • Absolute radiometric measurements from UV to IR (120 nm - 3000 nm): from radiation sources such as LED; HID; CFL and LP; luminaires
  • Spectral and integral measurements
  • UV radiometer for radiance measurements of UV LED,
  • photobiological tests IEC 62471, flicker

Material and layer characterization

  • Transmission, reflection, absorption measurements
  • Layer thickness measurements, ellipsometry

Optoelectronics and sensor development

  • UV-VIS- IR
  • Layer thickness + degree of polymerization sensors Optical sensor measurements
  • Sensor calibrations with certificate

Consulting, lectures and expert opinions on the above points

Further information


  • Technology development organic semiconductor devices
  • Microstructuring
  • development of optoelectronic systems
  • single molecule optics
  • Raman microscopy
  • Simulation of organic semiconductors
  • more

Light technology

  • Optics design
  • Optical and thermal simulation
  • Luminaire development
  • Psychophysical investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • more