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Publications of 2018

  • N. Strobel, M. Seiberlich, T. Rödlmeier, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Non-Fullerene-Based Printed Organic Photodiodes with High Responsivity and Megahertz Detection Speed
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 (2018) [DOI]

  • N. Strobel, R. Eckstein, J. Lehr, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Semiconductor:Insulator Blends for Speed Enhancement in Organic Photodiodes
    Advanced Electronic Materials}, 4 (2018) [DOI]

  • R. Schneider, K. A. Waibel, A. P. Arndt, M. Lang, R. Seim, D. Busko, S. Bräse, U. Lemmer, M. A. R. Meier
    Sequence-definition in stiff conjugated oligomers
    Scientific reports (2018) [DOI]

  • L. Pattelli, A. Egel, U. Lemmer, D. S. Wiersma
    Role of packing density and spatial correlations in strongly scattering 3D systems
    Optica 5 (2018) [DOI]

  • M. G. Abebe, A. Abass, G. Gomard, L. Zschiedrich, U. Lemmer, B. Richards, C. Rockstuhl, U. W. Paetzold
    Rigorous wave-optical treatment of photon recycling in thermodynamics of photovoltaics: Perovskite thin-film solar cells
    Phys. Rev. B 98 (2018) [DOI]

  • J. Lehr, M. Langenhorst, R. Schmager, S. Kirner, U. Lemmer, B. Richards, C. Case, U. W. Paetzold
    Energy yield modelling of perovskite/silicon two-terminal tandem PV modules with flat and textured interfaces
    Sustainable Energy Fuels (2018) [DOI]

  • A. Habermehl, J. -H. Rakebrandt, P. Brenner, R. Huber, A. Mertens, M. Guttmann, F. Winkler, W. Pfleging, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Comparing roll-to-roll and laser-assisted hot embossing for micro- and nanofabrication
    Proc.SPIE 10730 (2018) [DOI]

  • B. Fritz, M. Guttmann, P. C. Soler, A. Roslizar, M. Langenhorst, M. Schneider, U. W. Paetzold, B. Richards, U. Lemmer, R. Hünig, G. Gomard
    Towards mass fabrication of hot embossed plant surface texture replicas as photovoltaic cover layers
    Proc.SPIE 10730 (2018) [DOI]

  • G. Gomard
    Patterned Photovoltaic Absorbers Harvest Sunlight Better
    Photonics Spectra (2018) more

  • B. Ofer, P. Brenner, T. Siegle, G. Raz, H. Kalt, U. Lemmer, J. Scheuer
    High Quality 3D Photonics using Nano Imprint Lithography of Fast Sol-gel Materials
    Scientific Reports 8 (2018) [DOI]

  • F. Mathies, H. Eggers, B. Richards, G. Hernandez-Sosa, U. Lemmer, U. W. Paetzold
    Inkjet-Printed Triple Cation Perovskite Solar Cells
    ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (2018) [DOI]

  • J. Schwenzer, L. Radecevic, R. Gehlhaar, T. Abzieher, S. Gharibzadeh, S. Moghadamzadeh, A. Quintilla, B. Richards, U. Lemmer, U. W. Paetzold
    Temperature Variation-Induced Performance Decline of Perovskite Solar Cells
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 (2018) [DOI]

  • S. Schlisske, M. Held, T. Rödlmeier, S. Menghi, K. Fuchs, M. Ruscello, A. J. Morfa, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Substrate-Independent Surface Energy Tuning via Siloxane Treatment for Printed Electronics
    Langmuir 34 (2018) [DOI]

  • L. Ahrens, S. Schlisske, K. Strunk, F. Hinkel, C. Melzer, U. H. F. Bunz, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa, D. Jänsch, J. Freudenberg, K. Müllen
    Solubility Modulation of Polyfluorene Emitters by Thermally Induced (Retro)-Diels-Alder Cross-Linking of Cyclopentadienyl Substituents
    Chemistry of Materials 30 (2018) [DOI]

  • S. Yu, J. Chen, Y. Tang, Z. Li, B. Yu, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Enhanced color conversion efficiency of remote phosphor-converted light-emitting diodes using micro-concavity arrays
    Proc.SPIE 10687, 11 (2018) [DOI]

  • D. Theobald, A. Egel, G. Gomard, U. Lemmer
    Simulation of light scattering in clusters of nonspherical nanoparticles: an adapted T-matrix approach
    Proc.SPIE 10672 (2018) [DOI]

  • Y. Donie, M. Smeets, A. Egel, F. Lentz, J. Preinfalk, A. Mertens, V. Smirnov, U. Lemmer, K. Bittkau, G. Gomard
    Light trapping in thin film silicon solar cells via phase separated disordered nanopillars
    Nanoscale 10, 6651-6659 (2018) [DOI]

  • M. F. Schumann, R. Schmager, U. Lemmer, B. Richards, M. Wegener, U. W. Paetzold
    Freeform surface invisibility cloaking of interconnection lines in thin-film photovoltaic modules
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 182, 294 - 301 (2018) [DOI]

  • S. Stolz, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa, E. Mankel
    Correlation of Device Performance and Fermi Level Shift in the Emitting Layer of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Amine-Based Electron Injection Layers
    ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces 10, 8877-8884 (2018) [DOI]

  • T. Eiselt, J. Preinfalk, G. Gomard, T. Hanemann, U. Lemmer
    Inkjet-printed internal light extraction layers for organic light emitting diodes
    Flexible and Printed Electronics 3 (2018) [DOI] more

  • R. Eckstein, N. Strobel, T. Rödlmeier, K. Glaser, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Fully Digitally Printed Image Sensor Based on Organic Photodiodes
    Advanced Optical Materials 6 (2018) [DOI] more

  • N. Bolse, A. Habermehl, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Fluorescence Quenching Sensor Arrays for the Discrimination of Nitroaromatic Vapors, S. 58-93 (2018) [DOI]

  • S. Schauer, R. Schmager, R. Hünig, K. Ding, U. W. Paetzold, U. Lemmer, M. Worgull, H.Hölscher, G. Gomard
    Disordered diffraction gratings tailored by shape-memory based wrinkling and their application to photovoltaics
    Opt. Mater. Express 8, 184-198 (2018) [DOI] more

  • M. Adib, R. Eckstein, G. Hernandez-Sosa, U. Lemmer
    SnO2 Nanowire-Based Aerosol Jet Printed Electronic Nose as Fire Detector
    IEEE Sensors Journal 18, 494-500 (2018) [DOI]

  • M. F. Schumann, B. Fritz, R. Eckstein, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard, M. Wegener
    Cloaking of metal grid electrodes on Lambertian emitters by free-form refractive surfaces
    Opt. Lett. 43, 527-530 (2018) [DOI]

  • F. Vüllers, B. Fritz, M. Guttmann, B. Richards, G. Gomard, E. Klampaftis, M. N. Kavalenka
    Self-Cleaning Microcavity Array for Photovoltaic Modules
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 2929-2936 (2018) [DOI]

  • F. Mathies, P. Brenner, G. Hernandez-Sosa, I. A. Howard, U. W. Paetzold, U. Lemmer
    Inkjet-printed perovskite distributed feedback lasers
    Optics Express 26, A144-A152 (2018) [DOI]

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