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Publications of 2017

  • N. Strobel, R. Eckstein, J. Lehr, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Semiconductor: Insulator Blends for Speed Enhancement in Organic Photodiodes
    Advanced Electronic Materials 4 (2017) [DOI]

  • R. H. Siddique, Y. Donie, G. Gomard, U. Lemmer
    Bioinspired phase-separated disordered nanostructures for thin photovoltaic absorbers
    Science Advances 3 (2017) [DOI]

  • R. Schmager, B. Fritz, R. Hünig, U. Lemmer
    Texture of the Viola Flower for Light Harvesting in Photovoltaics
    ACS Photonics 4, 2687-2692 (2017) [DOI]

  • T. Rödlmeier, T. Marszalek, M. Beck, R. Eckstein, A. J. Morfa, R. Lovrinčić, A. Pucci, U. Lemmer, W. Pisula, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Controlled Molecular Orientation of Inkjet Printed Semiconducting Polymer Fibers by Crystallization Templating
    (2017) [DOI]

  • D. Jahn, R. Eckstein, M. Schneider, N. Born, G. Hernandez-Sosa, J. Balzer, I. Al-Naib, U. Lemmer, M. Koch
    Digital Aerosol Jet Printing for the Fabrication of Terahertz Metamaterials
    Advanced Materials Technologies (2017) [DOI]

  • N. Bolse, R. Huber, A. Habermehl, R. Eckstein, G. Hernandez-Sosa, A. Mertens, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    A low-cost versatile fluorescence quenching detection system for liquid- and vapor-phase sensing
    2017 IEEE SENSORS, Glasgow, United Kingdom (2017) [DOI]

  • A. Habermehl, R. Eckstein, N. Strobel, N. Bolse, G. Hernandez-Sosa, A. Mertens, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Microfluidic surface-enhanced Raman analysis systems by aerosol jet printing: Towards low-cost integrated sensor systems
    IEEE Sensors, Glasgow, United Kingdom (2017) [DOI]

  • P. Brenner, T. Glöckler, D. Rueda-Delgado, T. Abzieher, M. Jakoby, B. Richards, U. W. Paetzold, I. A. Howard, U. Lemmer
    Triple cation mixed-halide perovskites for tunable lasers
    Optical Materials Express 7, 4082-4094 (2017) [DOI]

  • A. Isaac, J. Long, C. Neumann
    Optimization of Freeform Optics using T-Splines in LED Illumination Design
    LED professional Symposium+Expo (LpS), Bregenz (2017)

  • M. Heidinger
    Effiziente Straßenbeleuchtung mit MidPower LEDs
    (2017) more

  • A. Habermehl, H. Strobel, R. Eckstein, N. Bolse, A. Mertens, G. Hernandez-Sosa, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Lab-on-Chip, Surface-Enhanced Raman Analysis by Aerosol Jet Printing and Roll-to-Roll Hot Embossing
    Sensors 17, 2401 (2017) [DOI]

  • N. Bolse, R. Eckstein, A. Habermehl, G. Hernandez-Sosa, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Reliability of Aerosol Jet Printed Fluorescence Quenching Sensor Arrays for the Identification and Quantification of Explosive Vapors
    ACS Omega 2, 6500-6505 (2017) [DOI]

  • M. Helmer, C. Walschuss, C. Neumann
    Potentielle Messmethoden zur Bewertung dynamischer Blendsituationen
    13. Lux Junior 2017 (2017)

  • M. Heidinger, C. Simon, F. Denk, R. Kling, W. Heering
    Integrated PFC and series over resonant frequency converter analysis, design and control
    (2017) more

  • A. Egel, Y. Eremin, T. Wriedt, D. Theobald, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Extending the applicability of the T-matrix method to light scattering by flat particles on a substrate via truncation of sommerfeld integrals
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 202, 279-285 (2017) [DOI]

  • D. Theobald, A. Egel, G. Gomard, U. Lemmer
    Plane-wave coupling formalism for T-matrix simulations of light scattering by nonspherical particles
    Phys. Rev. A 96, 033822 (2017) [DOI]

  • N. Bolse, M. Schend, A. Habermehl, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Transient response of a microfibrous web array for the discrimination of nitroaromatic explosive vapors
    ISOCS/IEEE International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN) , 1-3, Montreal, QC, Canada (2017) [DOI]

  • A. Egel, L. Pattelli, G. Mazzamuto, D. S. Wiersma, U. Lemmer
    CELES: CUDA-accelerated simulation of electromagnetic scattering by large ensembles of spheres
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 199, 103 (2017) [DOI]

  • B. Fritz, R. Hünig, R. Schmager, M. Hetterich, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Replicated petal surfaces as light-harvesting layers for photovoltaics: the role of structural disorder
    644. WE-Heraeus-Seminar on 'Bio-inspired, Nano- and Microstructured Surfaces: New Functionality by Material and Structure', Bad Honnef/Deutschland (2017)

  • B. Fritz, R. Hünig, R. Schmager, M. Hetterich, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Numerical analysis of structural disorder effects for the design of plant-inspired light harvesting coatings
    European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting, Straßburg/Frankreich (2017)

  • B. Fritz, R. Hünig, R. Schmager, M. Hetterich, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Numerical analysis of structural disorder effects for the design of plant-inspired light harvesting coatings
    Spring School: Tailored Disorder, Karlsruhe/Deutschland (2017)

  • M. Heidinger, C. Simon, F. Denk, R. Kling, W. Heering
    Constant current paralling controller for mid-power LEDs
    (2017) more

  • N. Bolse, R. Eckstein, M. Schend, A. Habermehl, G. Hernandez-Sosa, C. Eschenbaum, U. Lemmer
    Discrimination of trace nitroaromatics using linear discriminant analysis on aerosol jet printed fluorescent sensor arrays
    Proc. SPIE 10231, 102310R (2017) [DOI]

  • B. Fritz, R. Hünig, M. Hetterich, U. Lemmer, G. Gomard
    Assessing the influence of structural disorder on the plant epidermal cells' optical properties: a numerical analysis
    Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 12, 036011 (2017) [DOI]

  • M. Gerhard, A. P. Arndt, M. Bilal, U. Lemmer, M. Koch, I. A. Howard
    Field-induced exciton dissociation in PTB7-based organic solar cells
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 195301 (2017) [DOI]

  • N. Jürgensen, M. Ackermann, T. Marszalek, J. Zimmermann, A. J. Morfa, W. Pisula, U. H. F. Bunz, F. Hinkel, G. Hernandez-Sosa
    Solution-Processed Bio-OLEDs with a Vitamin-Derived Riboflavin Tetrabutyrate Emission Layer
    ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (2017) [DOI]

  • N. Bolse, R. Eckstein, M. Schend, A. Habermehl, C. Eschenbaum, G. Hernandez-Sosa, U. Lemmer
    A digitally printed optoelectronic nose for the selective trace detection of nitroaromatic explosive vapours using fluorescence quenching
    Flexible and Printed Electronics 2, 024001 (2017) [DOI]

  • P. Brenner, O. Bar-On, T. Siegle, T. Leonhard, R. Gvishi, C. Eschenbaum, H. Kalt, J. Scheuer, U. Lemmer
    3D whispering-gallery-mode microlasers by direct laser writing and subsequent soft nanoimprint lithography
    Appl. Opt. 56, 3703 (2017) [DOI]

  • A. P. Arndt, M. Gerhard, M. Koch, U. Lemmer, I. A. Howard
    Identifying Charge-Transfer States in Polymer:Fullerene Heterojunctions by Their Emission Polarization Anisotropy
    J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 6357 (2017) [DOI]

  • T. Eiselt, J. Preinfalk, U. Gleissner, U. Lemmer, T. Hanemann
    Development and characterization of adjustable refractive index scattering epoxy acrylate polymer layers
    Opt. Eng. 56, 037105 (2017) [DOI]

  • J. Preinfalk, T. Eiselt, T. Wehlus, V. Rohnacher, T. Hanemann, G. Gomard, U. Lemmer
    Large-area screen-printed internal extraction layers for organic light emitting diodes
    ACS Photonics 4, 928 (2017) [DOI]

  • M. Heidinger
    Grundlagen Schaltplan- und Platinenlayout
    (2017) more

  • S. Raupp, D. Daume, S. Tekoglu, L. Merklein, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa, E. r Dörsam, P. Scharfer, W. Schabel
    Slot Die Coated and Flexo Printed Highly Efficient SMOLEDs
    Adv. Mater. Technol. 2, 1600230 (2017) [DOI]

  • A. Egel, G. Gomard, S. W. Kettlitz, U. Lemmer
    Accurate optical simulation of nano-particle based internal scattering layers for light outcoupling from organic light emitting diodes
    J. Opt. 19, 025605 (2017) [DOI] more

  • E. Barrena, F. Buss, A. Perez-Rodriguez, M. Sanyal, B. Schmidt-Hansberg, M. F. G. Klein, P. Scharfer, W. Schabel, U. Lemmer
    In situ Studies of Morphology Formation in Solution-Processed Polymer–Fullerene Blends
    in Elementary Processes in Organic Photovoltaics, Karl Leo (Editor), Springer International Publishing, S. 1-24 (2017)

  • S. Stolz, Y. Zhang, U. Lemmer, G. Hernandez-Sosa, H. Aziz
    Degradation Mechanisms in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Polyethylenimine as a Solution-Processed Electron Injection Layer
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 2776 (2017) [DOI]

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