Cutting-edge research for almost 100 years…

The generation and utilization of light is the unifying theme of research and teaching at the KIT Light Technology Institute. Founded in 1921 under the directorate of Prof. J. Teichmüller, the LTI became one of the world's first light technology institutes.

The efficient generation of light, the physiological effects, and general lighting optimized with regard to ergonomic, and economic aspects, have been the primary focus of LTI research for many decades. The objective of generating light efficiently and utilizing it profitably is still a top priority. Many aspects of photonics are closely networked at LTI: from optical communications technology and optical biotechnology to applications in industrial UV technology and automotive lighting and display technology.

Like any successful enterprise, constant change is a key component of our operations. Since 2002, we have completed building modifications, added new measurement instrumentation and established new technology-intensive research areas. Major changes have taken place, especially in the field of light sources. In addition to research projects on plasma radiation sources, we have launched new projects involving inorganic and organic light-emitting diodes. Continuous improvement of our services at the Testhouse for Light Technical Equipment on Vehicles has enabled us to initiate several research projects on automotive lighting technology. This development has demonstrated once again that the close integration of the Testhouse with the other research groups offers special opportunities for us, and for our project partners.