Dr. Yi Wang

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    76131 Karlsruhe


Characterization of Argon/Hydrogen Inductively Coupled Plasma for Carbon Removal over Multilayer Thin Films
Wang, Y.; Gehring, T.; Jin, Q.; Dycke, J.; Kling, R.
2023. Coatings, 13 (368), Article no: 368. doi:10.3390/coatings13020368
Reversible Activation of V/V Redox Couples in NASICON Phosphate Cathodes
Xu, C.; Zhao, J.; Wang, Y.-A.; Hua, W.; fu, Q.; Liang, X.; Rong, X.; Zhang, Q.; Guo, X.; Yang, C.; Liu, H.; Zhong, B.; Hu, Y.-S.
2022. Advanced Energy Materials, 12 (25), Art.Nr. 2200966. doi:10.1002/aenm.202200966
Enhanced removal of X-ray-induced carbon contamination using radio-frequency Ar/H plasma
Wang, Y.; Lu, Q.-P.; Gao, Y.-G.; Song, Y.; Gong, X.-P.
2019. Nuclear Science and Techniques, 30 (2), Artikel-Nr.: 26. doi:10.1007/s41365-019-0547-9