Dr. Yang Li

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    76131 Karlsruhe


Electrical Conductivity and Photodetection in 3D‐Printed Nanoporous Structures via Solution‐Processed Functional Materials
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Enhancement of Amplified Spontaneous Emission by Electric Field in CsPbBr Perovskites
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Evaporated Self‐Assembled Monolayer Hole Transport Layers: Lossless Interfaces in p‐i‐n Perovskite Solar Cells
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Sn-Pb Mixed Perovskites with Fullerene-Derivative Interlayers for Efficient Four-Terminal All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells
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How free exciton-exciton annihilation lets bound exciton emission dominate the photoluminescence of 2D-perovskites under high-fluence pulsed excitation at cryogenic temperatures
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