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Dr. habil. Hans Eisler

'DFG HEISENBERG GROUP' 'Nanoscale Science'

Engesserstrasse 13, Geb. 30.34
76131 Karlsruhe

Meist zitierte Veröffentlichungen

  • V. I. Klimov, A. A. Mikhailovsky, Su Xu, A. Malko, J. A. Hollingsworth, C. A. Leatherdale, H.-J. Eisler, M. G. Bawendi
    Optical Gain and Stimulated Emission in Nanocrystal Quantum Dots
    SCIENCE 290, 314-317 (2000); Times Cited: 1,267 (from Web of Science) [DOI]

  • H.-J. Eisler, V. C. Sundar, M. G. Bawendi, M. Walsh, H. I. Smith, and V. Klimov
    Color-selective semiconductor nanocrystal laser
    Apl.- Phys. Let. 80, 4614-4616 (2002); Times Cited: 181 (from Web of Science) [DOI]

  • K. T. Shimizu, W. K. Woo, B. R. Fisher, H. J. Eisler, and M. G. Bawendi
    Surface-enhanced emission from single semiconductor nanocrystals
    Phys. Rev. Let. 89, 117401 (2002); Times Cited: 308 (from Web of Science) [DOI]

  • S. Kim , B. Fisher , H.-J. Eisler , and M. Bawendi
    Type-II quantum dots: CdTe/CdSe(core/shell) and CdSe/ZinTe(core/shell) heterostructures
    JACS 125, 11466-11467 (2003); Times Cited: 458 (from Web of Science) [DOI]

  • P. Mühlschlegel, H.-J. Eisler, O. J. F. Martin, B. Hecht1, D. W. Pohl
    Resonant optical antennas
    SCIENCE 308, 1607-1609 (2005); Times Cited: 834 (from Web of Science) [DOI]