VLC and Radiometry Laboratory

VLC laboratory

Data transmission with light (VLC Visible Light Communication) is an important technology whose importance is growing rapidly. High data rates can be transmitted and VLC is used for  positioning (indoor navigation). At the same time, luminaires with VLC are wirelessly linked. We develop indoor and outdoor luminaires and integrate the VLC functions in them. The data transmission (rates extend to the GHz / s range) and the position is determined according to IEEE 80215.7 standard. In doing so, we develop the VLC luminaires according to customer-specific requirements, as well as the modulation technology (OFK, CSK, OOK) and the data rates. The receivers can also be integrated into the luminaire and are developed by us.

Luminaire system:

  • Transmitter in the luminaire: customized LED modules, LD, OLED
  • Electronic control gear: Own development LTI with IC and modulation
  • Receiver in the luminaire: Photodiodes, LED, OLED, OPV

Areas of application for VLC:

  • Data transmission Indoor (LiFi)
  • Indoor Navigation (Positioning)
  • Wireless data link

Lighting Applications:

  • Indoor:
    • General lighting of offices, warehouses and sales luminaires
    • Technical luminaires for headlamps, Ex Proof luminaires for mines and submairnes up to IP68
  • Outdoor:
    • Automobile headlights
    • Bus and train headlights
    • Street lighting luminaires



Multichannel Matrix Modele LED 395 nm, 7 channels with 14 LEDs in series (190 W on 2 cm2)


  • Absolute Radiation measurement in air-conditioned laboratory according to DIN ISO / IEC 17025. Absolute Radiometric Measurements in VUV - UV - IR (120 nm - 3700 nm) for radiation sources such as UV LEDs, OLED, CFL, FL, HID, HAL, LED, LD, Hybrid lights and lasers.
  • Spectral and integral measurements: UV Radiometer for radiant intensity measurement of UV LED, UV, VIS, IR-Ulrich spheres
  • Photobiological tests according to DIN 62471
  • Flicker and flicker measurements according to DIN 12464